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preparing for the  unexpected

One way of ensuring that our AAT co-workers are prepared for the unexpected is to introduce them to as many children as we can, as often as we can. The children are perfectly safe. We explain what they can expect from the cattle and what they need to mindful of -  the worst thing one of our cows will do is walk away from them.

We endeavour to introduce the cattle to as many small children, teenagers and adults as possible.

The more visitors of all shapes and sizes the cattle meet, the more likely it is that they will encounter all sorts of weird and unusual happenings - for AAT training this is a good thing. Our cattle have now learned that loud noises, sudden movements and excited chatter are part and parcel of the interaction with children (and many adults for that matter!)

miniature cattle and kids 2

GOLD CREEK Galloway miniature cattle love nothing more than a paddock full of kids with brushes.

helping  others,  helping  us

We try to make as much time as we can to meet great new people and introduce them to the joys of owning these gorgeous little White Galloways. First-timers love the opportunity to get up close and personal with our miniature cattle. Some of our recent visitors were keen to really get hands on. They didn't want to pass up a chance to 'learn the ropes' while they were here. So, out with the halters and our cattle were only too happy to teach people about halter training and grooming.

This interaction is more than a two-way street. While we are passing on our experience and teaching others how to halter train and walk with the cattle, the cattle are learning about new people too. The more positive experiences the cattle have with different people, the better AAT co-workers they will become. The better AAT co-workers they become, the more people they will help. So, the bottom line is everyone's a winner.

the  cattle  truly benefit

Not all our cattle that go through this intensive training will become AAT co-workers. However, they will all enjoy the benefits of the extra training when they go on to be someone's treasured paddock pet or find themselves being looked after by someone in a wheelchair.  It is human nature to take better care of the things we love and the things that improve our lives in some way. This is what we hope to achieve for all of our cattle - better lives.

Geoff  Huggie 1

Huggie puts her head to one side and says, "OK Geoff, now just scratch me here and we will be on our way".

Geoff  Huggie leading

Geoff and Huggie are a real team and show us how easy this 'walk on' caper can be.

Tamarra  TwoDee 1

Tamara says, "stand". TwoDee says. "Sure, but the photograph of this profile please, I look much better."

Tamarra  TwoDee 2

Tamara and TwoDee are really enjoying a bit of teamwork and are leading very well too.

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Our Cuddle Cow Anti-Bullying Website

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