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One of the many joys of breeding these beautiful little white cattle is the number of wonderful people we have been lucky enough to meet through our cattle. There is only thing that makes it possible for us to part with any of our little white fluff balls - the fact that we have managed to find just enough fantastic people to look after them.

Good Homes Great People

Every miniature that has left our property is now living somewhere just as good, if not better than here. Keep in mind that our property is known locally as 'cute cattle paradise'. All the miniature cattle that have left cute cattle paradise have great new homes and fabulous new families, and we have some great new friends.

Check it Out For Yourself!


The littlest, bestest, sweetest bull in the whole wide world - yes a biased opinion!


Bruno and Cooper just loooove their new 'shed'. They are so relaxed that Robyn periodically has to check they are still breathing! The good life. Grafton June 2012.


Roll call at Wingham - Toto, Nutmeg, August, Banjo (bull) and Grace. May 2012


Toto has him clean and is enjoying a well-earned biscuit of hay. Hero is so small.

It is all happening in Wingham - 9 March 2012. One very determined little heifer managed to fall pregnant far too young - causing everyone great anxiety. After months of worry, all's well that ends well. A very healthy bull calf (and one very young new Mum 'none the worse for wear'). We think Hero is the smallest bull calf to date. We will get him measured shortly.

The local vet checked in on them three days later and gave everyone a clean bill of health. He said he had never seen such a small calf. Lesley is so taken with her new little mate she can barely tear herself away from him to go to work!


Bruno and Cooper happy in their beautiful new home near Grafton. Feb 2012

New owner Robyn is another first-time livestock owner. Robyn waited for what seemed like a long time for her two little boys and she so pleased with them: "My two new mates are doing so-ooo well!  This is, of course, due to their fabulous upbringing with you, for which I thank you. They have now checked out the whole paddock they are in and appear quite content."


Sandra gives Magic a love - Magic is feeding one day old Sparkle. April 2011.

Julia telling Magic how clever she is one week later. Sparkle waiting for her turn.

The family at Habana (near Mackay) has a little mini herd. Sparkle is the second calf their beautiful Wee White cow Magic has given them. Max, their little white bull is very proud of his efforts. Julia and Sandra are pretty pleased too.


Jack enjoying the shade with Pink Persil and Poppet at Kilcoy - 2010.

Cloud - Persil's handsome 5 mth bull calf at Kilcoy - in April 2011.


 Lesley is giving Toto a brush and a treat. Wingham. March 2011.

Here's the miniature pig fast asleep, curled up with the little bull. Brisbane 2010


Banjo and Casper settling in at North Arm

It was all smiles when Banjo and Casper arrived at North Arm - 2009.

Feedback from People Owning Miniature Cattle

Periodically, we check in with the wonderful people who take our miniature cattle home with them. We like to find out how their new family members are settling in.

Here is some feedback we received during 2012.

From Elland in NSW: My two new mates are doing so-ooo well!  This is, of course, due to their fabulous upbringing with you, for which I thank you.

Here is some feedback we received during 2011.

From Bangholm in Victoria: I found their favorite spot to be brushed is under their chin and neck. Love, love, love them.

From Wingham NSW: Just up with the chooks to find Grace and Banjo relaxing in the sun and clearly amused by the chook's antics, its one of their fave spots. Banjo would be so easy to spoil ... can you get choc dipped lucerne? xx

Here is some feedback we received during 2010. 

From Crystal Creek in NSW: My boys are so beautiful and I love them so much. They know my voice and come running when they see me... I bring the treats. I love them to bits and they give me great joy and the kids that come out to the farm love them as well.

From North Arm in Qld: Our little boys are divine and we love them both. I am not into favourites, as I love all my pets equally, but Banjo is a little treasure, absolutely everything about him is perfect. My boys are perfect ...the boys have been a wonderful addition to our family.

From Kilocy in Qld: Elliot and his lady friends are very happy munching through their waist high grass.   He is awfully fat at the moment. He is still as lovely as ever, and makes our time with the cows very precious. 

From Brisbane in Qld: Tiny rules the roost. She and the alpacas and pig graze all day. They are the best of friends. We often see Cow, 2 Alpacas and Pig, in that order, going everywhere together.  They are never more than a few metres from each other. In the afternoon they all head up the top of the property and put on a show for all the neighbours and kids walking home from school.

The friends and family grows. More pics as they come in.

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