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December 2013: We have had a real surprise or two this month. No sooner had we come to accept that some how Dixie had managed to get herself pregnant (OK not all by herself), but it was way too soon. Everyone was always found to be in the right paddocks so how it happened we do not know. Dixie, being the size of most six month old calves, must have slipped through a fence and come back before sun up - teenagers!

So... Dixie then goes and has the tiniest calf we have ever seen. We had Libby the vet on the spot in case there was any trouble.

Dixie is only 90 something cms tall and Pixie was about 55cm tall on day one.

We have had a few jokes about Pixie being a lamb/calf hybrid. When we put them back in with the rest of the herd the other calves were quite perplexed. They are used to her now.

Dixie  Pixie 400

Dixie and Pixie in the paddock with only the smallest members of our herd.

Dixie took a bit of convincing that the calf was now her sole responsibility, but she seems to have adapted now.

November 2013: Our new website for kids  now has a facebook page:facebook Please take stroll along our timeline for lots of photos and anti-bullying information. If you like the page 'like' us please.

Finally, our new website for kids (and the young at heart): is ready to view. And our limited edition, custom plush mascots are ready to go. Our shop & adopt program supports the online publication of anti-bullying material.

    banjo no bg  huggie nbg

Banjo and Huggie are offiicially the smallest Miniature White Galloways in Australia. Sitting at 20cm high, these little mascots head up our anti-bullying campaign. We hope that the anti-bullying material we publish online will provide assistance for kids and adults alike.

The website is also designed to present cattle in a way that will develop understanding and compassion for these docile valuable animals. Children will learn about cattle as members of family groups and herds and as fascinating individuals with personalities and character.  

We hope that by interacting with children through the website we will be able to promote a better understanding of these wonderful little beasties and promote Miniature Galloways in the process.

Go to our adoption pages to learn more or to

September 2013: Now our full blood cattle are starting to calve. Misty had a little white bull calf. This is her fourth calf and she is a very good no nonsense kind of 'Mum'.

Mj 2

Just finished feeding from 'Mumma'. It's exhausting - his little tongue is worn out!

August 2013: Life as been very good to us this month and we have lots to celebrate and good reasons be grateful. Catching up with family and friends has been high on the agenda. When Spring comes there will be calves and more joy.

July 2013: Things have been pretty quiet on the little cattle front. No more new calves. We have been getting our property maintanence all caught up on and enjoying the sunshine. 

June 2013: We love watching the calves as they mingle with the herd. Mostly they like to stay very close to 'Mum'.

Daisy and her little bull calf Bosco.

TJ and Bosco June 2013

What? These two are all innocence down in the gully... 

Warm sunny days and calves to enjoy - that's what we love about this time of the year. We are also busy attending to maintenance and getting the property all spic and span. There have been some special visitors to the property already this month, some from as far away as India. The cattle received some wonderful gifts of comfrey and nasturtiums (which the chooks also enjoyed).

May 2013: May just keeps getting better and better. Daisy (Dimity's calf from Nov 2010) just had her first calf - one perfectly beautiful little white bull calf. It took us forty minutes to find her all privately secluded and out of the way in part of our remnant rain forest.

Daisy and Bub

Private rain forest birthing chamber. Daisy giving her little bull a nudge. 

We had some young visitors over the weekend and Dimity's calf showed us that she is ready to follow in Mum's footsteps. This little girl was not fazed at all by the fuss and new comers. Dimity lay centimetres away calmly looking on chewing her cud.

Calf  Kids

Three days old and Dimity's little heifer calf is ready for visitors.

May is off to a great start. Dimity had a little heifer calf on the first of the month. Dimity and her little heifer will be leaving us soon to start their new careers as Co Workers. Within weeks they will be working as part of an Animal Assisted Therapy team helping people 'up on the range'. We will be following their new lives with great pride.

March 2013: March has been full of surprises. Some very pleasant surprises and some not so pleasant. The cattle are all as fat as fools and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find any of them in the tall grass. At calf feeding time there is a lot of mooing in the paddocks until all Mums find all calves and everyone is content when the feeding is underway.

February 2013: It is still raining on and off but that's OK. We have been enjoying some time with the younger cattle. Our precious little heifers have been showing everyone how to train humans to halter and lead them. Huggie and TwoDee are always keen, they find it breaks the monotony of eating grass and laying in the sun all day.

New fans of our miniature cattle, Geoff and Tamara have been 'learning the ropes' at Mount Eerwah Park. TwoDee and Huggie tell me that Geoff and Tamara are doing very well for first timers. I can tell you it has been a lot of fun for everyone.

Geoff Huggie lead

Huggie teaching Geoff the 'stand' and 'walk on' routine. Geoff's a natural.

Geoff  Huggie

Geoff telling Huggie she is such a good girl after a few laps of the home paddock.

TwoDee and Tamara

TwoDee and Tamara going through their paces - both enjoying themselves.

Tamara and TwoDee

Tamara and TwoDee have got their routine 'down pat' and are ready for a treat. 

January 2013: It is raining. Just for a change this is making us happy. We have been putting some hay in storage but maybe we won't need it now. There are a couple of confused full blood calves who haven't seen rain before - I'm sure they will have plenty of opportunity to get used to it!

HAPPY NEW YEAR: 2013 has started hot and dry. The cattle are keeping themselves down in the gullies and well back in the shade for most of the day. The calves are all thriving and the shorter pasture has all the cows putting on weight.



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