too cute for words

When it comes to our small white cattle, we believe that our miniature cows are the most incredibly beautiful cow you are ever likely to see. The calves, however, are just too cute for words. They say 'a picture is worth a thousand words' so you will  find there are only pictures on this page now.





lollie a

micro miniature cattle in training

toto 2




Our Cuddle Cow Anti-Bullying Website

huggie small

Click on Huggie to go to our website with cattle and anti-bullying material.

Our Halters Come From Cattle Clobber

adopt a calfCattle Clobber make great halters for miniature cattle. Halters can be ordered online. Read more

Our Calf Adoption Mascots

banjo small

Our calf adoption proceeds go to farm animals shelters and sanctuaries.

 The GOLD CREEK Galloway Stud Proud Owners - Pamela Robinson & Suzanne Baker