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Many people have found that a visit to our stud has proven vital to their understanding of these very special miniature cattle. It is often the first time many people have been able to enjoy a hands-on experience with cattle in a paddock. Visitors are encouraged to come into the paddock, walk among our miniature herd, talk to the cattle and brush them (including the bulls).

We believe a stud visit is the best way for people to begin to understand the sheer joy of owning these very docile, cute cattle. We are now located three minutes from Braidwood in southern NSW.

Purpose of a Stud Visit

All visits are by appointment only. Despite the fact that these cattle and their calves are ridiculously cute, we are not a tourist operation and we do not have open times or days as such. You can visit to purchase cattle for sale. You can visit to see your adopted cow or calf. Or you can visit simply to see the cattle. However, we do need to know up front the purpose of your visit.

Sadly, we can no longer accommodate the many families wanting to visit our stud to enjoy handling the cattle - especially during schools holiday. Unless you have adopted a cow or calf, family visits in school holidays are no longer available. School holidays have been set aside for people who have adopted one of our cows or calves to visit their adopted cattle.

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Buster the Cocker Spaniel and Dougall smooching. Dougall is only months old.

Visiting Miniature Cattle

If you have a genuine interest in miniature cattle, we are quite happy to talk with you and show you our miniature cattle. People who are still in the information gathering stage of their miniature cattle investigations are welcome. Buying livestock for the first time is a huge undertaking. We understand this, and we are willing to accommodate such visits, if and when they fit in with the day to day running of the stud.

However, these visits cannot be accommodated in school holidays. School holidays have been set aside for people who have adopted cows or calves to visit their cattle on our property.

Visiting Adopted Calves

If you would like to visit our stud, but buying your own miniature cattle is out of the question, then calf adoption is always an option. As part of your adoption, you are invited to visit your adopted cow or calf and meet their paddock pals (the herd). See Calf Adoption for further details on this.

We have set aside school holidays as good times for you to visit your adopted calves.

Visiting To Purchase Miniature Cattle

To organise a stud visit to purchase cattle, you will need to provide your Property Identification Code (PIC) and at least a week's notice. (If you do not have a PIC you can not run livestock on your property).

We now ask that potential buyers do not bring children or invite extended family to our property on the day of the inspection to buy. Inspections to buy cattle and family outings need to be two separate visits.

Due to the nature of running a cattle stud and two businesses from the one address, potential visitors need to be aware from the outset, that visits sometimes have to be cancelled at very short notice. We have only had to cancel one visit so far, and we hope there won't be a next time, but these things happen.

Please include your home phone number (not a mobile) when you contact us regarding a stud visit. We do not organise the final details of a visit via email - home phone contact is a must.

To contact us to organise a visit, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Calves Enjoying Visitors 

1 TwoDee Naomi 2

Naomi gives this little one a scratch on the head. The calf is OK with it.

1 TwoDee Naomi 4

Naomi tries a little brush and a little scratch at the same time.

1 TwoDee Naomi 3

The calf has pretty much decided that Naomi is her new best friend.

Our Cuddle Cow Anti-Bullying Website

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Our Calf Adoption Mascots

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Our calf adoption proceeds go to farm animals shelters and sanctuaries.

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