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Gold Creek 5Our challenge to you is to find miniature cattle cuter than our little white paddock pets. The first time we saw a Miniature White Galloway our lives changed forever; we simply fell in love. The arrival of our own first born Miniature White Galloway calf was a big day for us. We could not believe how beautiful she was (and still is!)

At GOLD CREEK Miniature White Galloway Stud, we love what we do and these cattle make it a joy. Every year there are new calves and every year the calves just get sweeter and calmer in nature. 

Contact for Pleasure

Every day we go into our paddocks and enjoy hands-on interaction with all of our herd. Some days they might get just a scratch behind the ear, but other days many of them will get brushed from head to hoof. When there is time, one or two will have a halter put on them and get paraded around the paddock just for fun.

We really look forward to any time we spend with the cattle, as it is such a soothing experience.

These beautiful, docile animals are a joy to own. Of course you do not need to spend a lot of time with these cattle; they are incredibly resilient. We do it because it is an enjoyable thing to do - for us and the cattle.

Contact For Long Life

Miniature White Galloway Cattle are naturally docile. By fully developing this natural instinct, it is our hope that our cattle will live longer, happier lives. Our cattle that go on to be someone's loved paddock pets or a psychologist's Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) co-worker live longer, more comfortable lives than the average cow. We believe that is a good thing, and this is what we aim to achieve for every member of our herd.


We spend a lot of time on our calves developing loving, friendly paddock pets and AAT co-workers.

If you are lucky enough to take a pair of tiny white calves home, we can almost guarantee that you will want to spend a lot of time with them. You don't have to, but why would you deny yourself the pleasure? 


Dougall, one of our first little grade bull calves doing his best to look cool and sophisticated. 

We think Dougall was planning to do cool TV commercials when he grew up... We had other plans! He is all grown up now, and he likes our plans better. Dougall is still a sweet, gentle soul, and he still enjoys playing silly games with hats and sunglasses. The sun visor doesn't fit him anymore, but his calves are more than happy to wear one now. In fact, they tussle each other for the honour!


Oct 2011. Huggie, one of Dougall's little heifer calves. (Grade calves - not full blood cattle).


Another Dougall heifer calf is letting the little bull calf know that it is her turn next! (Not a full blood).

Dougall's fun loving, sweet nature has been passed on, and we are rapt. You couldn't ask for better-natured calves. Dougall's calves are simply a joy to behold.

our cute cattle

Our miniature cattle are very small even when they reach maturity. Coupled with the fact that they are specifically bred for their docile nature and their good looks, our miniature cattle remain cute long after they grow out of being just cute calves!

Our Unregistered Little White Paddock Pets

Grazing peacefully with our full blood and purebred Miniature White Galloway cattle, we have two unregistered small white miniature cattle - Dixie and her calf Pixie. The others have all gone off to work as paddock pets and AAT co-workers all along the east coast of Australia.


Toto - totally adorable. The perfect small white paddock pet at four months old. (Unregistered, not a full blood.)

Our Full Blood & Purebred Cattle

We are now training our extra small, very docile, full blood and purebred Miniature Galloway cattle as paddock pets and AAT co-workers.

1 1 huggie kis snug

Huggie is in the middle of her purebred calf Kismet in front and Snuggle a full blood behind. These females are all perfect pets or AAT cattle.

All of our little cattle have been an absolute joy to own. The cattle we have sold over the last couple of years are now keeping a small number first-time livestock owners very happy indeed. Not only do they help to keep the grass down, but in a lot of cases they encourage friends and grandchildren to visit more often.


Our Cuddle Cow Anti-Bullying Website

huggie small

Click on Huggie to go to our website with cattle and anti-bullying material.

Our Halters Come From Cattle Clobber

adopt a calfCattle Clobber make great halters for miniature cattle. Halters can be ordered online. Read more

Our Calf Adoption Mascots

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Our calf adoption proceeds go to farm animals shelters and sanctuaries.

 The GOLD CREEK Galloway Stud Proud Owners - Pamela Robinson & Suzanne Baker