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We are Suzanne Baker and Pamela Robinson.

Breeding these beautiful miniature cattle is our shared hobby - we are first-time livestock owners.

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We do this for the love of it. We want to introduce as many people as we can to the joys of owning these beautiful quiet cattle as paddock pets. Before owning our first Miniature Galloways, we had no experience with cattle, and Cocker Spaniels were our only experience of pets.

Our aim is to encourage people to view cattle in a more compassionate way. 

Moving from Brisbane onto five acres of rainforest in the Sunshine Coast hinterland in 1997, we quickly learned to enjoy working from home. In 2006, we bought a much larger property near Eumundi, thinking we might like to add something extra to our lives and lifestyle. Eventually, we decided breeding miniature cattle was something we would like to try.

In 2016 we have moved to the cooler climate of Braidwood in southern NSW. Braidwood is known affectionally as 'little Scotland' and Galloways originated in Scotland. So, the cattle love being here and so do we. Everyone is happy.

1 1 1 huggie kis sn2ug

A purebred and a full blood calf with little four-year-old grade cow Huggie (middle). Winter 2014.

As first-time livestock owners, we didn't know anything about cattle or miniature cattle. We had no idea what was required or which miniature breed would suit us. After much research, farm visiting and deliberation, we decided we needed docile, polled cattle. We also wanted good little mothers that would calve unassisted.

Finally, we saw our first Miniature White Galloway cattle. Wow! Not only did they tick all the boxes, but they were also drop-dead gorgeous into the bargain! The decision to start out with these little cattle was made in a heartbeat. From that day forward, we've never had to wonder whether we'd made the right decision - not once.

In fairness to the cattle and because of our inexperience, we bought two steers as our 'training wheels'. Within months, we had fallen in love with 'our mini boys'. They were so gentle, affectionate and easy to handle we could hardly believe it! Within months, we started looking for Miniature White Galloway breeding cows. We found just two and luckily they were both pregnant.

 Suzanne enjoying a brush and a good 'love in' with one of her many favourites - TwoDee.

The number of cattle in our little herd rises and falls every season with births and sales. The learning curve has flattened out for us now, and it is a fairly low maintenance herd, so we quite often find ourselves looking for any old excuse to spend time with our miniature cattle.

 Pam having smoko in the paddock and giving little Pixie some love and attention. 

By farming in an environmentally friendly way and breeding our cattle in a sustainable manner, we have found we can cohabit with the wildlife and enjoy the best of both worlds. We get to stand in our paddocks listening to the birdlife, brushing cattle and watching the wallabies graze - bliss.

Our experience with these beautiful miniature cattle led us to consider making our love of these cattle something we could share with others. We wanted other small acreage owners to discover the joy of owning these gorgeous small white cattle too. So, we built the website and had been tickled pink with the response. Keeping up with all the inquiries is a lot of work, but in the end, it's all fun. 

Lolly 2 07 2014

Gorgeous full blood heifer calf GOLD CREEK Lolly - Cuddles' fifth heifer calf in a row. Winter 2015

The other thing we had to prepare ourselves for was the reality that we would probably have to answer a lot of questions. Then it occurred to us that, at some point, we would have to sell some of our beautiful 'babies' to others. We are still not sure which is harder sometimes. A lot of learning.

Our property is three minutes from the heritage town of Braidwood, 45 minutes from Batemans Bay on the coastline and an hour from our capital city Canberra.

We are always happy to show people our beautiful, little white cattle. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details and include a home phone number so we can give you a call and arrange a time and a day.

You can check out our progress by watching some videos on our GOLD CREEK youtube green logo 2 channel.

Our Cuddle Cow Anti-Bullying Website

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Click on Huggie to go to our website with cattle and anti-bullying material.

Our Halters Come From Cattle Clobber

adopt a calfCattle Clobber make great halters for miniature cattle. Halters can be ordered online. Read more

Our Calf Adoption Mascots

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Our calf adoption proceeds go to farm animals shelters and sanctuaries.

 The GOLD CREEK Galloway Stud Proud Owners - Pamela Robinson & Suzanne Baker