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As a rule, our clients are people who have chosen to buy lifestyle acreage, tree changers and families or couples on small farms. Like us, many of them want a quiet life where they can relax, commune with nature and cohabit with the wildlife. When they realise they can do this and raise miniature cattle in a sustainable way, they find their way to us.

Our clients are not people looking for just any old cattle at the lowest price. Most have been attracted by the good looks and docile nature of the Miniature White Galloway. Some people want registered show animals, and some just want cattle they can show off. Our Galloway miniature cattle fit the bill either way.

First Time Livestock Owners

Often our clients are first-time livestock owners. Some of them were looking for small cattle that would be easy to handle and did not require expensive infrastructure. Others had just bought the property of their dreams and wanted miniature cattle, which were a bit special, to help them maintain it.

Some families buy miniature cattle as an alternative to buying horses for their children, and some buy them as paddock pals for their horses.

Women Children & Grandchildren

In many instances, it is women or children who will be responsible for the cattle once they leave here, and this is one of the most common reasons that people are drawn to us. Our seriously quiet cattle give everyone involved that little extra peace of mind. 

An increasing number of people want to buy miniature cattle, so they will have something special to share when their grandchildren visit. Of course, once the grandparents start enjoying the cattle themselves, the grandchildren have to 'stand in line' - like everyone else! Luckily we have yet to find a single one of our small white cows or calves that tire of love and attention.

Our Ongoing Support

We pride ourselves on having ongoing relationships with our clients and the cattle they take home from here. The highlight of many a day is the email that tells us that a new calf has just been born or that a certain little one is being weaned, or halter trained or is now pregnant.

When questions arise or, puzzling situations develop we are only ever a phone call, an email or a couple of hours away. As far as we are concerned, there is no such thing as 'a silly question'. If we can't answer a question or offer advice, we will find someone who can - quick smart. We want you to enjoy owning your miniature cattle, and we will do everything we can to make sure that you do.

We are also here if, for whatever reason, people who started out with our miniature want to sell some of their stock.

To check out some of the fun everyone has been having with their little white fluff balls, see Family & Friends on the side menu.


Grandchildren and calves are a great combination. The cows look on unfazed. 


Little four-year-old boys love to tell their friends they have been brushing the bull.

Super Quiet - Especially the Bulls

Our cattle are very used to our friends, neighbours and their extended families coming to visit. We encourage it. If and when any of our cattle leave this property, they are very, very comfortable with humans of all shapes and sizes. 

Go to the FAQ page if you want information on prices. Go to the Sales page for information on the cattle we currently have available for sale.

Our Cuddle Cow Anti-Bullying Website

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Click on Huggie to go to our website with cattle and anti-bullying material.

Our Halters Come From Cattle Clobber

adopt a calfCattle Clobber make great halters for miniature cattle. Halters can be ordered online. Read more

Our Calf Adoption Mascots

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Our calf adoption proceeds go to farm animals shelters and sanctuaries.

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