our small white paddock pets

Our little white paddock pets are our very small, unregistered miniature cattle that we have carefully bred for their docile temperament. They are our extra small, little white fluff balls.

When it comes to these little cattle it is all temperament, temperament, temperament - if they are genetically sound and have the right temperament then we will breed from them. Also at the top of our priority list is conformation and the ability to calve unassisted. These cattle also have to be structurally sound and very hardy. They are also small, super docile and drop dead gorgeous! 

What are These Small White Paddock Pets?

Although they predominantly Miniature White Galloway in there breeding background, these small white cattle are not registered or listed grade, full blood or purebred cattle Miniature White Galloways. Our wee white paddock pets are specifically bred to retain all the docile, hardy qualities of their 'forebears' - just in a smaller package. 

toto 2

Toto: We checked the back seat of visitor's car before they left when this little one was around - everybody was threatening to steal the shaggy little rascal! Toto was not listed or registered.

Why Breed Small White Paddock Pets

Our aim with our little wee white paddock pets is to always have a handful of very small, super docile, miniature cattle that first-time livestock owners feel confident to simply take home for pets. First timers simply want to enjoy owning with these little ones, have a laugh at some of the antics that go on in the paddock and share the fun with their friends.

two sisters ll

Little Dixie refuses to let her big sister Daisy relax in the shade or ignore her. Not listed or registered cattle.

two sisters

Daisy and Dixie enjoying a tousle. Little sisters can be a real pest - just ask Daisy. Not listed or registered.

Many of the people who come to our property will be first-time livestock owners. They are looking for miniature cattle that are sweet and easy to handle. Some people do not want registered full blood or purebred miniature cattle. They do not want to breed cattle for sale and they do not want to show cattle, so they are just not interested in full blood or purebred miniature cattle. Some people simply want extra small and easy to handle cattle. Our wee white paddock pets definitely fit that bill.

Extra small, seriously quiet miniature cattle do sometimes cost a little more. But then, if you'd ever layed hands on one of our special little mates, you'd understand why.


Little paddock pet: Hours old - not a face people can say 'No' to. May 2012. This little one is now keeping a couple in Samford very entertained with his antics. Not listed or registered.

If you want to learn more about looking after paddock pets go to Caring For Miniature Cattle.

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