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Gold Creek 5welcome to cute cattle country

If you are looking for miniature cattle with the cute factor - we have some!  Perfect for cow cuddling, our beautiful, small cattle are born and bred for first-time cattle owners, by first-time cattle owners. On our farm, just three minutes from the beautiful heritage town of Braidwood, in southern NSW Australia, our cattle enjoy the cool climate and the friendly people.

icontexto green 01White Galloways - not your ordinary cattle.  GOLD CREEK - not your ordinary cattle breeders.  icontexto green 01

We breed Galloway and Galloway composite cattle for the sheer joy of it - it is our hobby. The work of our Gold Creek White Galloway Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) cattle has been a great source of pride since 2008. You can support the work of our AAT cattle by adopting (this is sponsoring not purchasing) a calf or purchasing a mascot. Our calf adoption program, including mascot sales, is used to help support our cows through their AAT training and send donations to farm animal sanctuaries in Australia. Check us out on youtube green logo 2sssh resized 2

Ssssh... don't scare the baby - GOLD CREEK Jubilee

We breed and sometimes sell beautiful small cattle. Some are registered full blood and purebred stud cattle. Some are just beautiful small cattle. We breed gentle paddock pets, show ring performers and Animal Assisted Therapy co-workers. Our cattle are all small; they are all cute, and they are all very, very user-friendly. We walk among our herd and handle our miniature cattle several times a day, every day.

Our miniature cattle are an environmentally friendly, attractive, easy-care addition to any property. You can even adopt a calf if you like! All cow adopters are invited to visit and enjoy cow cuddling. Adopters can visit in school holidays, on weekends, with short notice... ($350.00 one off payment) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Totally Wild team thought our GOLD CREEK miniature cattle were amazing and... totally tame.  

genetics, temperament & fertility

The integrity of our GOLD CREEK Galloway herd is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, we source only the best genetics and the most diverse bloodlines. Our cows must pass a very rigorous selection process for breeding. Our bulls are very carefully chosen and must be registered or listed, and DNA tested. The DNA testing of any herd member is welcomed. All stud bulls are DNA tested. Chosen for their genetic excellence, our stud breeding cows and bulls have sweet temperaments, solid conformation, and high fertility.

We are just as particular about the breeding and bloodlines of our unregistered miniature cattle. We want cattle that our clients will be happy with from day one, and well into the future. This doesn't happen by chance. Some of our smallest, sweetest bulls have taken over a decade to breed.

The fact that our cattle are small and as cute as a button is just a bonus! Take a closer look youtube green logo 2 

visitors resize

Our cattle are low maintenance. They do not need brushing but adopters find that it is so much fun.

most miniature cattle 

If you are a small acreage owner, and you are looking for small cattle that will further enhance your lifestyle, then most miniature cattle breeds are well worth considering.

Most miniature cattle are perfect if you want cattle that:

1. Need less expensive infrastructure. (Less wear and tear on your wallet)

2. Are environmentally friendly. (Less wear and tear on your land.)

3. Are smaller and, therefore, easier to handle. (Less wear and tear on you.)

our miniature cattle

Our small white cattle are perfect if you want all of the above and then some. Not all miniature cattle are 'born equal'.

Do you also want beautiful small white cattle that:

1. Are docile and love to be handled? (No extra strength and expertise required.)

2. Are non-selective grazers that cohabit with wildlife? (Environmentally friendly.)

3. Are good mothers that calve unassisted? (No expensive vet bills)

4. Stand in the paddock with you while you brush them?

5. Allow you to halter them in the paddock?

6. Make your friends and family want to visit them (and you)?


7. Make your neighbours look over the fence green with envy?

8. Look drop-dead gorgeous in the paddock?

9. Are very easy to sell? (But, only if you can bear to part with them)

20220819 Roxy 2

Roxy, impossibly cute. Spring 2022

Located near beautiful Braidwood, in southern NSW, Australia we breed seriously quiet, small white cattle for the sheer pleasure of it. Rarely separated from one another, our cows and calves form very strong bonds. Keeping the herd together also allows us to enjoy the wonder of the 'whole herd' experience. 

We breed the most adorable, little white paddock pets in Australia. Of course, this is probably just our very, very biased opinion - but please take a look. Let us know what you think!

our clients

If you are just a little bit curious about who is taking some of our cattle home click here.

Calf adoption supports farm animal shelters in Australia.

Our Custom Plush Stud Mascots

huggie small

You can purchase a plush mascot with or without an adoption.  

Our Halters Come From Cattle Clobber

adopt a calfCattle Clobber make great halters for miniature cattle. Halters can be ordered online. Read more

Our Calf Adoption Mascots

banjo small

Our calf adoption program supports the training of our ATT cattle.