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Gold Creek 5

the  bottom line on prices 

All breeders must decide for themselves at what price they are willing to sell their miniature cattle. There is no set price for stud cattle and no price setting authority. All buyers must decide for themselves how much they are willing to pay for any given animal.

Unless you are talking to a breeder about a particular animal, in a particular set of circumstances, it is hard to say what price may be agreed upon by the parties involved. It is a matter between you and the breeder. As with most things in life, you generally get what you pay for - except in the occasional instance where you are either very lucky or extremely unlucky.

If you are a first-timer, take someone with you that has some experience to inspect the cattle. Be clear in your mind about the specific qualities you need in the cattle you want to buy. Talk to as many breeders as you can. When you find someone you feel comfortable with, then deal with them or ask them to point you in the right direction. 

Buying Cattle is Just Like Any Other Purchase

After you have done all your research, eventually you have to weigh up what you do and don't know, then decide what you are going to do. Price is usually dependent on the age, breed qualities, breeding performance (proven breeders being more expensive) and show performance of cattle being sold, so there will always be variations. 

The number of Miniature White Galloways in Australia is small and most breeders are still building up their herds. So, finding Miniature White Galloway breeding stock for sale can be difficult, and this can have an impact on the price.

If a breeder can breed cattle that warrant a premium price, then they should put a premium price on those cattle. If a breeder cannot sell their cattle at the prices they are asking, then they will rethink their prices or their cattle. 

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We are happy to give you the contact details of all the people who have previously purchased our cattle. Our purchasers can vouch for the quality of our cattle and the extent of our backup and support. With our Miniature White Galloway cattle something going wrong is very rare. But, when something does go wrong, this is when you find out where you really stand with the breeder. As Miniature White Galloway breeders, we stand by our GOLD CREEK cattle and their new owners - always.

If the measure of a cattle breeder is the number of their return buyers, then at GOLD CREEK Stud we are doing OK. We seem to have bred good cattle, at good prices. Testimony to our success is the high number of people who purchased one or two miniature cattle from us several years ago that are now returning to us to purchase again. ... And they are not just buying one or two head when they come back - they are purchasing small herds.

If the measure of a breeder is how healthy, happy and quiet their cattle are, then we think we are doing OK on that score too. 

The hardest part of selling our cattle is the heartache we feel seeing them leave our property.

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